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Fashionista ..... Design, Create, Inspire

It’s easy to see why fashionistas are drawn to FAB. Bright Raspberry Damask wallpaper, curved tables, elegant chairs, flowing fabric, sparkly gems and thousands of appliques call out to their creative senses.

“FAB was created to instill confidence in children, and provide them with a creative and inspiring space, where they can use their imagination, design, learn a new skill, feel empowered and have fun, all the while taking the focus away from the latest game app for a couple of hours .”- Tabatha Harris- Owner. “It’s a place where you are encouraged to be FAB-u-lous just the way you are.” Each guest will have the opportunity to embellish their fabric hand print and display it on the WALL OF FAB and repeat the Mantra “ I am original, I am creative, I am myself and no one else, being me is FAB!” Quotes in the studio echo this message “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken” , ”Everyday is a fashion show and the world is the runway.”

FAB is bringing back the lost art of sewing. Sewing stimulates the brain and trains it in significant ways. Manual dexterity, math skills, vocabulary, spatial reasoning, problem solving, and focus and concentration are just a few of the skills sewing can develop. Every budding fashionista should master sewing. It will give you the confidence to design your very own clothes or clothing line! FAB sewing instructors teach children ages 6 and up at their own pace and help them master sewing one “seam” at a time.

Tabatha Harris’ mission is “to have fashionistas gain self respect and confidence, be inspired by their creativity and walk away with the knowledge that they are as wonderful and unique as the one- of -a- kind -designs they take home with them.”

Contact Tabatha Harris for more information. (310) 993-2528.

Always remember....You are FAB!

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